Things to know about coconut water

coconut waterThe juice or coconut water can be obtained by either breaking a coconut in two pieces over a pitcher, or slicing a small opening near its end where a straw could be inserted. The best time to extract the juice would be when the coconut is young so you can get the most of its health benefits, which is rich in minerals, electrolytes and vitamins.

The amount of water contained in a coconut could small or large, depending on its size, type and age. Young coconuts contain the largest volume which could be sweet and very delicious drink. On the other hand, mature coconuts could only give a little juice as most of it has already been absorbed in the meat. On the other hand if coconuts are too young, their juice could taste bitter.

Another kind of coconut water is known as coconut milk. This milk could be extracted from the meat of an old coconut which is shredded with small amount of water and squeezed by hands. The water that can be obtained from it is used for seasoning food that gives it a rich flavor. Coconut milk could be also used as a great hair treatment solution due to its numerous health benefits.

Things to know about coconut water

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